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A Trip to Urban Ore

Read enough articles about restoring stately old houses in San Francisco, and you will certainly come across a reference to Urban Ore.  I’d heard about it for ages. To tell you the truth, in my mind, it was a hipster haven.  It was where cool people went to shop – the stuff of legends.  Jennifer and I finally decided to check it out.

I was a little surprised by the condition of the exterior but decided that it was gritty-cool.  I was hip enough to understand that!  As I sat in my car waiting for Jennifer to arrive, I noticed others arriving.  Most were carrying things in, not out.  Hmmm.  That was not what I expected.  But, then, I supposed, Urban Ore had to get the items it sold somehow.  Oh, o.k.  I get it.  Then I noticed what they were carrying in.  An old adding machine?  A box of clothes?  An old shovel and bucket?  Rebar?  Now, I pride myself on being able to find something to buy no matter where I go, but this wasn’t looking good.


We ventured in, and truth be told, we had entered into the king of the thrift stores.  Good, bad and odd, it was all there, and in multitude!  We thought this painting was lovely.

ImageThese simple light bulbs became art when hung with twine and string.

ImageAnd there was no denying that we were in a unique place when we spied this dragon and pig.  Can you tell they are extra large?!

ImageMy expectation of a hipster haven was dashed.  But, we discovered an emporium filled with the weird, wild and wonderful.  And, if I ever need a large papier mache pig, I know where to go!

Urban Ore is located in Berkeley, CA.


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